Meet our Team!


As the CEO of Keno Energy Ltd, I am responsible for building strong structures and driving the growth of our business. With my extensive experience in business development across multiple countries, I am confident that we will achieve great success in the UK market.
I firmly believe that the UK offers a remarkable opportunity for the advancement of solar, photovoltaic, and heat pump businesses, which are the specialties of the KENO Group. To capitalize on this potential, we have made significant investments in establishing a branch with a dedicated office and a B2B platform tailored to the local market. Additionally, we have assembled a dynamic team of professionals who will continue to expand and enhance our operations.
I warmly invite all industry professionals to visit our London office for a coffee and an opportunity to discuss how we can collaborate and drive innovation together.

CEO Assistant

As the CEO Assistant, my days are powered by a genuine passion for the renewable energy sector. I'm here not only to facilitate; I'm here to connect. Whether you're a seasoned industry leader, a fellow enthusiast, or someone with a keen eye for a promising business opportunity, I invite you to reach out. Your ideas and inquiries are always welcome. I'm here to help and ensure our journey together is a smooth one. Let's embark on this renewable journey together!

Sales Manager

Years of sales leadership and business leadership experience have taken me on the journey with Keno Energy Ltd.
I’m passionate about my work in the field of renewable energy.
Wide range of well-designed, functional renewable energy solutions KENO Energy Ltd offers in their vast portfolio, contributes to reaching #netzero goals by 2050.

Office Manager

I am thrilled to have joined the team at KENO Energy Ltd. during this exciting period of the Energy Transition. I am committed to creating lasting value for our customers and employees, and I am proud that our company takes action and gets involved in the mission to help restore the health of our planet.
As a Sustainability Ambassador, Sylwia has a unique opportunity to inspire and motivate her colleagues to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily business lives and contribute to a more sustainable future.